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Your FIERY TRIAL: WE are being TESTED (2019)

Published on 11 Jun 2019 / In Other

We live in the END TIMES, which comes with blessings and curses. Over the last decade, and specifically the last 3-5 years, truth is being revealed at such a pace, that it’s almost hard to keep up with, which is amazing, for those who thirst for it. One of the many blessings has been the ability for like-minded truth seekers, who believe in the only begotten son of the Most High, Yahuah: have been given the ability to gather, assemble and fellowship like no other time in history, all across the earth. All nations, tribes, and skin colors: The children of promise, the seed of Abraham… ISRAEL. (Isaiah 41:8 & Galatians 3:26-28)

We also know that the ruler of this world wants to disrupt, divide and destroy anything of the sort. The spirit of the enemy has been sent, which has infiltrated and divided many of these groups and continues to this very moment. Gossip, slander, a reverence for mans’s laws above that which Yahuah has decreed, Health problems, family division, poverty, persecution alongside and endless list of issues are being experienced by many.
Are you in the midst of the fiery trials? Good, us too, let’s talk about it.

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