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Wormwood Prophecy: Decoding Trump's Three Year Old "covfefe" Tweet (Music Video Teas

30 Mar 2020

This is the Music Video Teaser from my next eye opening 40 minute video which will be posted on Monday. Three years ago President Trump Tweeted out two very strange Tweets early in the morning on May 31st, 2017. Within 30 minutes on that day Trump challenged watchers and followers of his on Twitter to figure out what he meant when he used the term/word "covfefe". He challenged people to figure out what was meant by those letters that he placed together in back to back Tweets. One has to remember that in the Spring of 2017 was when Pizzagate was going full steam ahead on social and alternate media. So as we sit here in quarantine and are locked down by our governments around the planet and with a little help from a few other investigative researchers on Twitter and other forums I am going to decode what Trump meant back in May 2017 when he challenged all of us who follow him to figure out what he meant when he used the letters 'covfefe' in a strange, but very prophetic Tweet that has come full circle here in the Locked Down Spring of 2020.

#TrumpTweets #covfefe #Pizzagate

Thanks for watching and listening. All the best. Mark @G.A.

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