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World Pirate Radio News™ E Michael Jones Exclusive

21 Feb 2020

World Pirate Radio News™ (E. Michael Jones Exclusive)
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Joining us this week for the first 45 minutes is the one and only E. Michael Jones.

An American writer, former professor, media commentator and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine, Jones has recently found his social media presence under heavy attack. Has TRUTH actually become the NEW "Hate Speech"?
E Michael Jones You-Tube videos #CENSORED and Wikipedia page deleted

Rather than actively assist in any further de-platforming of the man, we will gladly provide an opportunity, over the next approximate 45 minutes, to allow him to have his voice more WIDELY heard. Our regular weekly formatted "World Pirate Radio News" live-streaming show segment will likely kick off in the 2nd hour.

SKYPE ID = japhy.ryder89

Along with any kind of issue corporate mainstream media has chosen 2 ignore, mix in a few choice "off-beat" Pop Culture or gaming items, and PRESTO! you've got yourself the perfect news "Muck-around" formula. N.B. All "FREE" RAW feed content provided herein is an entirely unscripted, uncensored and authentic exchange of profoundly refreshing insights, ideas, and opinions.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 8 PM PST - LA, Vancouver, Seattle, Baja 11 PM EST - Chicago, New York, Toronto. Miami (Wednesday - 12 PM in Tokyo & Seoul) Be sure to check out our regular weekly FEATURE show, the SAME time, EACH and EVERY Friday Night (Saturday afternoons in Asia )



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