WOMAN and TIME: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy - A new meaning, forever beautiful to us Patriots!

17 Nov 2019

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (1966 - ????) was a model, publicist for Calvin Klein and the wife of the American prince, John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Onassis.
Caroline and her husband died in a plane crash on July 16, 1999. (no they faked it)
It was a small private plane, the pilot of which was her husband, John John, the son of President Kennedy. (Navy Seals helped him fake his death)
Bessette-Kennedy's older sister, Lauren, was in the plane with them and are alive!
Carolyn and John were married in 1996. They had no children - oh yes they did!!!
Caroline's wedding dress is considered an example of the highest style and today too.
Her cozy New York chic became the basis of many fashion trends of today. She preferred monochrome images, often choosing a black color.
She owns the famous phrase that colorful things should be only qualitative. If you do not have money for them, then choose monophonic fabrics and simple silhouettes.

Carolyn-John`s relationship has always been a hot topic for paparazzi.

According to rumors, this life was too difficult for Carolyn, which was the reason for the disagreements between her and her husband.
Their violent quarrels and turbulent reconciliation also fell into the lens of photographers and the pages of the tabloids.
The secret of their complex relationships they carried with them to the bottom of the sea. NOT!
We can only imagine, invent, each in his own way.
It was a very beautiful couple, Crown Prince and Princess of America.
Again I apologize for the mistakes. It's still not me, It's still the Google translate.

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This is posted for our enjoyment of our beautiful Carolyn who will be revealed soon!!!

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