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Will we see a mass exodus from Hong Kong?—Activist Wilson Leung Talks China, Hong Kong Security Law

09 Jun 2020

3:17 Current status of the national security law 4:34 What does it mean to criminalize “foreign interference”? 9:39 “Patriotic education” in Hong Kong14:49 Will there be a mass exodus from Hong Kong? 19:03 Western companies toeing the line of the Chinese regime 22:22 How would the national security law potentially endanger foreigners in Hong Kong? 36:30 Can the international community deter the Chinese regime? With the impending new Hong Kong national security law, will there be a mass exodus from the city? How are Hong Kong-ers navigating this difficult situation?How might the new law criminalize interactions with foreigners as “foreign interference”? And, why is a sizable portion of the Hong Kong population sympathetic to Beijing? In this episode, we sit down with Hong Kong commercial lawyer and pro-democracy activist Wilson Leung. This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek. #china #hongkongsecuritylaw #hongkongprotest ===Subscribe for updates + 🔔 : Donate to support our work: Jan on Twitter: us on Facebook: a newspaper that doesn't spin the facts: the Petition to Investigate, Condemn, and Reject the Chinese Communist Party👉 https://rejectccp.comWant to listen to our interviews as podcasts? Links below:iTunes Podcast: Podcast: Podcast: VIDEOS: Did Communist China Miscalculate with the Hong Kong Security Law?—Brian Kennedy On HK & Coronavirus Hong Kong on Verge of Losing Freedoms to Communist China—HK Lawmaker Alvin Yeung’s Plea to the World Emily Lau: Hong Kong Dealt ‘Fatal Blow’ by Communist China’s National Security Law Communist China Using George Floyd Protests for Propaganda—KT McFarland | American Thought Leaders Facing Expulsion for Calling Out University Ties to China's Regime—Drew Pavlou on China Human Rights Frank Gaffney: How China’s Communist Party Exploits American Pension Funds & Coronavirus Outbreak ===OUR PLAYLISTS:The Communist China Threat: CCP Virus: The Trump Administration: Hurricane / FISA Abuse: War: Values: Elections: Images:, epidemicsound.comStock Video:© All Rights Reserved.

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