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Why Trump’s New Speech on China Is a Turning Point in History

05 Jun 2020

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After Beijing passed the National Security law on May 28 that will take away Hong Kong’s freedom, President Donald Trump delivered a speech in response the following day. It shows the White House is finally taking the right approach to China. Trump’s speech covers four areas.

First, the United States is terminating the relationship with WHO. WHO has followed Beijing’s direction in the entire course of the development of the coronavirus, from failing to alert the world of the virus outbreak in Wuhan, to praising the work of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and holding it up as a model, to changing the disease’s name to COVID-19 to eliminate a word related to China, to finally refusing to reform. In terminating the relationship with WHO Trump is sending a strong warning to all the other world organizations the CCP has infiltrated.

Since the United States has contributed more than 10 times what China did, why did WHO follow Beijing? While the United States has contributed to the organization and the work, the CCP focuses on getting the individual organization leaders under its control.

Original article: Trump’s New Speech on China Is a Turning Point in History

Written by Diana Zhang

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