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What it Takes to be a Soldier in the Army of Christ - THIS IS WAR - Motivational

chris brandt
chris brandt
14 May 2019

I AM A SOLDIER OF CHRIST - This IS a Spiritual Battle

Francis Chan
Paul Washer
Dr. D.L Moody
John Hagee
John K. Jenkins Sr.

Never Give Up (Epic Instrumental)
Revival (Orchestral Instrumental)
M83- Starwaves


Right now YouTube have blocked this channel from monetization because of the content! Editing videos like this takes a lot of time, and there are some setbacks to spread the truth and this has been a full time work for the past 7 months.

So if you like me to continue to create videos like this, then feel totally free to help me out. Financially, and/or just keep this channel in your prayers it is well needed! God is Greater! /Robin

(A Special Thanks To all the Sponsors)
God Bless You For All Your Support to This Channel, It Means Everything!!!

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