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What is Defamation, Slander, & Libel - Quick Lessons - Episode # 3

chris brandt
Published on 12 May 2019 / In How-to & Style

A persons reputation is very important. Defamation can have a devastating impact on a persons reputation and impact many aspect of a persons life. Thankfully a person harmed by libel or slander has recourse.

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Full Case: https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=10183527771703896207&q=New+york+times+v.+sullivan&hl=en&as_sdt=40006


Carless is fulfilling responsibility.
intentional commission of a wrongful act, without justification, intent to cause harm to others
power of exemption against or beyond the law.
Exemption from from a penalty or burden that the law generally requires.
Concise object.
Loathsome Disease-
Objectionable disease.
General Damages-
monetary recovery for injuries suffered
Special Damages-
Pecuniary compensation for an injury
Making something known to the community at large.
willingness that an act or an infringement of an interest shall occur.

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The law discussed in this video is general in nature. This video is purely intended for educational purposes. The video is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. You are highly encouraged to seek professional legal advice in your State should you find yourself dealing with the subject matter of this video. The subject matter is not specific to any individual or State law. The video is published for the sole use of education and it is solely based on the opinions and knowledge of the publisher.


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