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What do narcissists seek in us? Hidden insight from someone who knows

Shannon Gilmour
Published on 11 May 2021 / In Other

#narcissism #NPD #Selfawareness

The issues of narcissism go deep. As much as you know about this toxic behavioral disorder, as much as you have gained knowledge through experience, there are still unanswered questions. I know because I still have unanswered questions. Those questions were answered when I received a bit of a break through the other day.

I have had many experience with a narcissist, and although it is painful, and traumatizing, there are deep lessons to be learned in knowing, befriending and loving someone who doesn’t even know that their behavior is toxic.

The answers that we have publicly shared with one another, are from a perspective that is rational, and from an empathetic nature. We who need answers are seeking out like minded individuals for those answers. We are seeking empathetic people who have had like experiences as our own. The challenge in this is that the empathetic answers are given from the side of being scorched in pain. The empathetic individual assumes that they know the mind of the narcissist because the damage done was so scathing and diabolical. The answers from the side of empathy address our pain from the side of empathy.

The empathetic answers suggest that A narcissist picks out in a crowded room. They are predatory, they are intentional when they put their sites on you. They love bomb you to hurt you. They devalue you because they have a new supply. I am so tired of hearing about fuel and supply and being told that I have been treated like a target. Maybe some narcissists act like this, but not all not most.

We forget the facts. That narcissists are hurting people too, just like we are. Oh there is something very spiritually sinister going on behind the attitude of a narcissist, and I’ll leave that for another video. If you have watched my other videos on this Youtube channel you will see that I have done some deep research into the heart of the matter, scientific research that delves into the conscious and subconscious. I am not an expert, however my background study is people as I became a peer support councilor at the age of 17, and devoted my life to helping others heal of their emotional pain from trauma. I have been trained to help people who are dealing with the issues of depression and suicide, I have created a work book that helps to address the issues of these dynamics both clinically and biblically. I have been trained to help others who have been sexually abused, those who are going through addictions, and through my own personal traumas that I’ve had to overcome, I share with you how knowledge and applied insight has personally helped me.

Please watch this video until the end as this video contains some valuable insight as I share with you from my own personal experience with toxic narcissism, as I share with you the perspective of narcissism, from my own childhood behavior. If you find value in this video, please give it a LIKE, and subscribe to this channel as there are many videos that I share that delve into the perspective of #NPD from a scientific and biblical perspective.

My videos are to help you reach an understanding within yourself so that you can let go of the need to search for answers from the narcissist and instead look within to find the security and freedom that allows you to stand within your own spiritual being through awareness and #awakening.

Be blessed my lovelies, you are worth it!

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