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Wayne. Australia. Get back to the Constitution & Common Law


Time for the politicians & Australians to WAKE UP !!!
You all politicians are accountable for all your crimes against the people of Australia our land & our wildlife.
You created the problem, its all your UN agenda & China driven agenda to destroyed this country. And you want the people to suffer and die, well guess what that is what is going to happen to you, & China is going to have everything they bought/invested in taken off them as it was all done by FRAUD. Political party traitor hacks, maybe you will be lucky & be organ harvested in China rather than being hung & humiliated in Australia for treason.
Now we know why you are setting up 5G, for control, them towers won't last five minutes when we lock you all up, and you want to make people move into smart cities so you can control the people and cook their brains through 5G.
NOT HAPPENING, we KNOW WHAT you are DOING, GAME OVER FOR YOU. Back off admit it, go to Prison or carry on & get HUNG for TREASON or organ harvested in China for selling things that are not yours to sell, the PEOPLE of the Commonwealth ASSETS without our CONSENT.. It is all up to you, but you have very little time left.
Backup Channel:
Get the real ANZAC Australian Flag here.
Get the original Constitution from:
Wayne Glew, 24 Hagan Road, Glenfield, Geralton, WA 6532.
Link to Documents:
Download the Constitution FREE:!!!Original-1
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