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w-PG The Enlightenment vs the Revolution WORK TOGETHER FOR BALANCE

Published on 10 Jun 2020 / In News & Politics

⁣The Enlightenment vs the Revolution WORK TOGETHER FOR BALANCE A False god
The same old Republican verse Democrats. Both just put on a new face of morality or religion to disguise themselves. Still the same globalist. When you read God's word and have it, then you can legally and physical own without pieces of paper.With the "Rona" "bug" we saw all people care about themselves and their neighbors. When people know the "right" thing to do they will do it. Media the President said "this is the right thing to do." So everyone did it without thought to their own safety.

It was the wrong thing to do it was a bunch of lies. The point is when giving the choice between right and wrong people will make sacrifices, changes n their lives to keep each other safe.
Now let's really teach the ***Right thing to do*** verbally to one another, Love ourselves, our elderly, our children and our fellowman! Get out of the house walk over to your neighbors, walk everywhere talking face to face with people.
Everyone throwing off Globalism agrees with/in the Bill of rights in America's Constitution. Those rights are based on the Bible, Christian Principles. It is Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ written in everyone by their Creator God.

Imagine 300 million people, billions world wide, going to their neighbors just telling the Truth. My brother calls it the big boys club, created and operates using fake currency, fake fiat, without they have no game! We the people can not play in their game. Nor do we want to. We need to start the real game. But ours isn't a game it is reality, the truth. Honest living. We the people can destroy them just by talking to one another face to face.

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