Vietnam Nurses (Vietnam War Documentary) | Timeline

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
13 Aug 2019

Arriving in Saigon amidst the stifling heat and overwhelming US military presence, six young army nurses were suddenly hit with the reality of the Vietnam War. Based at Vung Tau at the only Australian field hospital, the nurses were little prepared for the intensity of nursing in a war zone.

Maggie, Colleen, Terrie, Jan, Diane and Ann were young women with a passion for life, determined to leave their small country town existence and experience the world. When Vietnam was in the news they jumped at the opportunity to go so they could use their nursing skills to care for Australian soldiers.

From the thrill of flying in a chopper over the beautiful Vietnamese countryside to the life and death moments they faced in theatre and intensive care, the women tell stories from their Vietnam War and slowly reveal how their experiences have impacted on their lives since.

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