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Renaud Be
Published on 22 Feb 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣If you feel that it takes forever to upload your videos on the internet, you might want to look at the size and resolution of those videos; As if you are trying to upload in the highest resolutions, like 1,920 by 1,080 pixels or higher, it's like trying to squeeze a huge elephant into a tiny mouse hole. You should know that to pass the message, you don't really need high cinematic image quality. The bigger the video, the longer it will take to upload and the more difficult viewers will be able to see it, without constantly freezing, especially with slower internet speeds. To get the message across just as efficiently, I often reduced the size of some of my videos to 480 pixel, which is still very acceptable DVD quality, or even smaller, down to 360 pixels; It makes it easier and cheaper for followers with a lower internet speed, who are concerned about their internet data transfer limit and cost. The crazy thing is, on certain video platforms, as a simple viewer, I mostly watch videos at the lowest resolution, to save on internet data transfer cost, at 144 pixels. The audio portion of your videos can also be reduced to a smaller bitrate of Kb per second, from 320 to 128, 64, and in my case, my old time radio episodes go as far down as 32 Kb per second, mono, rather than stereo; and since old time radio has no image, I run only a few still images or just one, at the smallest rate number per second, like 5, instead of the usual video number of 23 or 30 per second, if not 60, all making a very long video at only a few megabytes; Just to say that if people want to get their message across, no matter how long, it doesn't really take that many Mb to do it, as this video proves; and most video platforms hosts will love you for it, saving them lots of data storage space.

PS: Places like Bitchute will automatically reduce everything to smaller more portable 480 pixels DVD quality size, so uploading videos there at 720 or 1080 pixel Bluray quality is pretty much useless and a huge waste of data transfer, and often it will just cause unnecessary trouble during the video processing, if it ever gets processed properly or at all.

1. https://www.bitchute.com/video/GeiPxbVjYJko/
2. https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/36917
3. https://drop.space/v/qmrvom
4. https://bittube.tv/post/ba5bb1....b9-6db9-455d-8df4-7d
5. https://www.facebook.com/renau....d.be.11/videos/15053
6. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jGFjNnnhKxga/ (Backup)

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