Video #3- Replacing Google Apps with Open Source Android Apps

05 Nov 2019

FYI- My favs... OSM for maps (downloadable for offline use) CLASSY SHARK super important to check apps for tracking (all my fdroid apps are tracking free). Orbot (VIP) Tor browser works like a VPN.. I use Proton VPN its free. I use SILENCE vice SIGNAL but its just a preference.. duckduckgo for a browser (yes its a browser) AND!!! to get rid of METADATA from Photos I use SCRAMBLED EXIF (eggs) need FDROID for these which I did not see on booger play, hopefully its there. If not you can download from source on your android phone. REMEMBER...ANDROID ISSS LINUX!!! (let them destroy themselves!)....Rabbit

This is a guide to replacing the most familiar google apps with open source apps that keep your privacy. This video is split into two parts. I will list the google app and the replacement with an equal sign.

First Part-

Phone-Contacts = Zen Contacts
Calendar = Simple Calendar
Messages = Signal Messenger
Chrome = Brave Browser
Photos = Simple Gallery
Maps = Karta GPS
Launcher = Evie Launcher
Gboard = Any Soft Keyboard
Hangouts = Linphone/ Wire Messenger
Translate = Reverso Context

Part II

Docs = Libre Office
Play Store = Yalp, F-Droid
Play Music = Pulsar, Spotify
Newstand = Drudge
Youtube = Newpipe

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