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Veritas outs Bernie organizer; shows the dangers of socialism - Robert Noerr

14 Jan 2020

Project Veritas has put out a new video showing Bernie field organizer Kyle Jurek saying that Bernie free education for all plan is to "reeducate" Trump supporters, that gulags will be necessary and that they were good in the Soviet Union, and that there will be massive violence if Bernie inst the dem nominee, and if Trump wins in 2020.

For the purposes of this video, we will assume Bernie doesnt stand behind these thoughts. But this shows the problems with socialism and a massive increase in government power. As history has shown us, even if those pushing this massive government power grab have good intentions, they are often perverted into using the authority of the government to silence dissent. Or they are overthrown by people who are willing to use the government for violence against those who disagree with them.

Bernie cant even keep these type of people from holding positions in his campaign, so how would he keep them out of his government agencies once he would win?

Bernie is also a hypocrite who jumps at the chance to blame Republicans or Trump every time a seemingly right wing person commits violence. Yet as we saw when his supporter shot up a Republican ball field and Steve Scalise, he is unwillingly to focus on the extremist who support him when they commit violence.

Veritas Video

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