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USMCA, Doug #FORDQatarnation, Hanging ALL Pedophiles in Robes, & calling-out pedofaggot Mark Ell

20 Feb 2020

Agent Margaritaville comes on camera and discusses the USMCA, Pedophiles in the courts and churches in Canada, the Pakistani ISI Muslim Brotherhood control of Canada, "Druggie Dougie Ford’s" Qatar Money earned by selling out Canada to the Illuminati conspiracy, as all pedophiles in government have, as well as " call out to Mark Ellis" and Pedo MacKay for a day in the ring for charity..

What better way to break that pedophiles neck?

"Come on Mark, you child rapist.... lets battle it out for charity! Do you have the stones big-time pedofaggot lawyer? From the massive Queens University pedophile doubt."

If you win you can give it to Stepping Stones for Youth, the child trafficking foundation run by Heather O'Keefe, who is NOT dead yet.... but her day will come.

If I win, I will donate the money to your funeral.

After they drag you out, I will take on Pedo MacKay, in the same ring, for the leadership of the conservative party, .... before he goes to prison for life, for covering up the murder of Deborah Rashotte by Prince Philip's bastard Colonel "Underpants" Russell (Mary Elizabeth HARRIMAN groomed me) Williams, and 500,000 Iraqui women and children, the sick pedofaggot.

NOTE: Exposure of all the pedophile priests and judges was brought about by the efforts of Joe Skulj of 29 Beckwith Drive, Etobicoke an Eddy Skulj of 12 Vanguard Etobicoke who trafficked an kidnaped my 11 month old daughter. Should they be taken by a stranger in this war,.... I would celebrate their deaths for playing games they played with the lives of my daughter, for denying my sister the comfort of my daughter during the mourning of her murdered son, and for taking my child from her grandmother and abusing my child as they have.

Joe has a daughter named Teresa and Eddy has a daughter named Francis, both of whom were knowingly and willingly trafficked by these two sick bastards within the Metro Catholic Archdiocese. These men murdered their own mother Agnes Skulj in 2013, for her money.

Music: “Lea” by the wonderful Michael Sherwood (1959-2019) and Steve P.

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