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URGENT Elites bugging out to New Zealand because of CV - Let's chat with Betty Washam

24 Feb 2020

We chat about everything ask a question and if it is appropriate then we will discuss it! The truth is crazier than fiction I never sugar anything, and I'm just a down home country lady. I care about everyone and I love all people, and i'm tired of MSM lying always reporting fake news. So I started researching myself to see what the heck was actually going on back in 2011. Once Q came on the scene I was decoding and so happy to have transparency in our country. I always love watching Just
informed talk. Craig is amazing at breaking it all down for you to understand. I actually do research on everything.

My Merchandise that took me 3 years to find this company! I paid 3,000 for my designs that are on my merchandise. When you buy from my website your buying from an amazing company. They have top notch quality, 137 different kinds of merchandise, special prices every week. You buy from them they then they make it, package it, and mail it. My merchandise is all done through this company I use. It took me 3 years to find this company. Go check it out and leave me feedback.

If my Youtube gets shut down again please go to my Bitchute now go ahead and subscribe so you can find me!

I'm only able to keep this channel going by donations! Having a Youtube channel you must spend time to do your own research, record, read out loud ,edit, put videos together, upload the video to your computer, then upload it to your Youtube. One video can take up to 2 hours for final upload some can take up to 5 hours.

A little about me and why I choose this as my career?

I gave up everything for this career my man, my home, and most importantly the life I had for yrs. You may think oh how did she work 18 hrs a day every night for 3 yrs? Well once I started to research hardcore in 2016 I was very serious about finding the truth of what was going on in our world, and globally. Time actually flies when your researching you can get lost in it. Takes you down so many rabbit holes it becomes addictive for me. I cant do research like that everyday now, because my neck, shoulders, back, and eyes just start hurting to much to sit at this computer in this chair that long anymore. After I fell off the 15 ft roof each year the internal pains start to show up! I hurt from head to toe, but I'm a warrior, and I just know this is my life now. No reason to complain, and so I try to stay happy as much as I can. Then there is real common thing that happens it's called brain overload this is not healthy for me I must always take breaks now. I worked 18 hrs a day, researching putting together videos, and going live. I did this for 4 yrs straight , while raising my grand babies for 9 months shugs newborn and Clyde for 2 yrs, cause my daughter had cancer, she beat it, and heart surgery, now she has been diagnosed with MS
Then I came here got monetized in a week. Haters came I actually cared what they thought of me! I allowed them to gang stalk me for 2 yrs on here. My channel was torn down with 12,000 subs in 6 months. My videos were hitting 65,000 to 427,000 by the end of the week. Now I'm made of steel with my Armour of God on! I'm back on my mission and it is none of my business what others think of me. I know who I am and our heavenly father knows, and that's all that matters to me.
It took about 2 yrs for my channel I worked my botttom off for to get shut down yt even deleted my email, photos, phone numbers, etc.

I'm starting all over if you can afford 5.00 dollars that adds up. I have to pay 24.95 a month just for my software to go live. There is money I have to spend just to be able to make videos for you! Anything is appreciated. I'm disabled i have a brain injury, but i want all people to know the truth on what is going on in our crazy world, I go live to chat with you, and im here to warn you or to prepare you for something that is coming. God bless you and your families!

Here is my link to paypal

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