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UN Announces 'New World Order,' But, Hey, Stay Stupid, & Violent, & Be The Hate Yo

Demonlord Abarax
Demonlord Abarax
31 May 2020

Most of humanity is operating on a base level, the violence that is exploding is the chaos the 'elite' want to bring about their 'order,' and it's coming fast and furiously. Should you want to donate, I would very much appreciate it. I have a PayPal account under Thank youPlease subscribe to my back-up channel - neverlosetruth2 Kafka my Bitchute channel - MASONIC TRUTH ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY, RIOTS, & THE NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA protests: man points bow and arrow at crowd *GRAPHIC VIDEO* cop cars ‘deliberately’ drive into crowd of George Floyd protesters in Brooklyn with machete brutally beaten in Dallas *Graphic- Updated video link below Diego Riots - Man Beaten woman hysterically calls police to report 'African-American threatening her life' Least 7 Shot During Protest for Breonna Taylor in Kentucky EMTs Shoved By NY Police Officer Police Chief Drives Into Protesters Protests

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