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28 May 2020

The gloves are coming off because Twitter crossed a line yesterday. They entered the political arena and took a stance against our President, so it’s time to strip them of their Section 230 status and bring on the lawsuits.LINKS REFERRED TO IN VIDEO:The general election scenario Dems are dreading Trump order states to allow churches to open? sees a rigged election ahead disregards Trump reopens churches, just like Trump told him to do (Ha!) Circuit Obama-Clinton judges suspend Bill of Rights claims Trump’s numbers are slipping and that’s why he called to have churches reopened sue CA to stop mail in voting tweet on mail-in ballots Garrison graphic campaign statement of 1285 instances of election fraud election results that were thrown out because of voter fraud of voter fraud sent to Acosta receives response from White House on BitChute t-shirt store forget to check out my Patreon page for articles on various topics of interest! write Christian conspiracy thrillers, many of which are based on current events and theories being tossed around in the conspiracy community. T-Shirts and such on Teespring Page's Websitehttp://www.ReadtheWriter.comTruthification Chronicles Websitehttp://TruthificationChronicle....s.comTwitter@Ergo_Su Devotions Channel Biblical devotions, container gardening, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, how-to crafting, Thrive Life freeze dried foods for long-term food storage.=========================THREE WAYS TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL:1. Become a Patron on Patreon with a monthly pledge. Make a one-time donation via .3. Purchase some freeze dried food from my consultant page at . (See videos on the products and recipes on my Garden Devotions YouTube channel.)For cards and letters:Truthification ChroniclesP.O. Box 103Plymouth, IN 46563

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