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Treaty of Peace 2020 from 10/6 more info and Q&A

Sandy Brown
Published on 16 Oct 2019 / In Other

More detail on Treaty of Peace 2020 from 10/6 more info and Q&A

as well as opt in has been extended due to public request to 12/1 2019

Also for more see first video here https://drop.space/v/LeEREF

and more info on these websites about the case

What was said in the press here…..

Residents file lawsuit against State

Justices Added to law suit

Randolph resident wants response from high court

Court’s answer

Kavanaugh’s First Opinion Is Unanimous Win for Arbitration

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9 months ago
9 months ago

NONE of YOU KNOW ME! Jeffrey Allen Mathis

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9 months ago

From EVERYTHING I have learned. It appears THEIR god is NUMBERS!

Rose Hannah: Paradise Fire 11/8, May 4 = Sign of Jonah
Rose Hannah YT Channel:

2-20-2020 222 222
2-21-2020 221 122
2-23-2020 223 322 ??

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9 months ago
9 months ago
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