[Top 10] Proofs of the MANDELA EFFECT [Vol. 1/5]

Uneek Beebe
Uneek Beebe
23 Nov 2019

Think you remember something one way, but now it’s not that way at all? Perhaps you’ve seen a movie or a logo and now that movie just doesn't exist anymore or the logo has been changed. Confused?

You’re not alone, this phenomenon is known as the Mandela Effect. In this episode, we’re going to show you some top examples, like did Sinbad play a genie in a 1990s movie “Shazaam”?And that famous Star Wars line “Luke I am your father”.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 Mandela Effect 2018 examples.

How CERN connects to the cause of Mandela Effect:

Mandela Effects:
1. Star Wars (1:16 Mark Hamill Luke I am your father; 2:32 c3po silver leg)
2. Forrest Gump (3:14 life is like a box of chocolates)
3. The Matrix 4:51
4. Moonraker 6:07
5. Sally Field 7:48
(Coca Cola)
6. Se__x and the City 9:08
7. Sinbad 9:45 (Was Sinbad in “Shazaam”)
8. Mona Lisa 10:47
9. Toy Story 11:24
10. Bible 12:20 (lion and the lamb)
Bonus: Snow White 13:25 (mirror mirror on the wall?)

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