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The World is Jolted:Donald & Melania test positive for COVID-their dignity under fire from MSM L

Published on 02 Oct 2020 / In News & Politics

BREAKING: The World is Jolted: Donald & Melania test positive for COVID- They both remain calm and in good spirits even as their grace & dignity comes under fire from MSM LEFT.. Admired by so many Americans and Trump fans from around the globe. so many are showing their love and offering their sincere prayers for a speedy recovery.

But not all are praying for their well being. Sadly many Biden-Harris voters on the ugly, hateful LEFT WING are revealing their evil . So many Kamala & Joe voters can only spew their venom. as they can post or tweet their rage - many even wishing he were dead - the CCP media & Beijing gloating in their treachery ...

This event has truly triggered the haters and revealed w the Left for what it is- a constellation of wicked , godless hearts who are no different then the angry fascists/communist mobs of Nazi Germany or Lenin's Vanguard party. Sadly, they want death to Trump and death to America.

But the President is calm and steadfast in his quest to make this country great again and by God's grace will overcome a contagion from China and the diseased hearts of the Democrat Socialists in AMERICA.

For we know that God works ALL things together for good to those that love Him .... Romans 8:28

Federico Cardella

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theTrayne 3 months ago

ALL ANTIFA should be arrested immediately. KABAL-la harris the commie racist should be jailed for life. NWO PEDO joe biden too, and all the DEMONcrats and traitors that support them. The REASON this is happening is because they have not been arrested already. TIME TO STAND UP. or forever lay down.

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