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The Way

Published on 18 Feb 2021 / In Music


Lyrics Below:

Well how bout it now?
FISA brings the house right down
They built the house on quicksand
The foundation ain't found on common ground
But that's okay with us
Cause in Q+ we trust
And now we get it goin
Popcorn, lights, camera, action
Motion Pic is showin

And that's The Way it is
For all the treasonous
I'm really meaning this;
Pop Quiz - Have you heard that kids be their dirty biz?

Did I stutter?
You think I'm churning shit for butter?
Kid's go missing like the Milk Man
From the carton to the utter
Check the numbers

Now that's some sick shit
Human traffic feed the super rich
Like an addict with a bad habit
Follow white rabbits down the hole
That's where Alice lives
I mean Killary
[H] is silent but the violence quietly killin me
Silly me
I just think in trilogies
Obama be from Kenya
So Kenya start feelin me?

How bout it now?
We makin supersonic sounds
Booms are loud
Blowin tunnels underground
Till they found
Cause Q get around town
Flip the upside down
Bapho-met his match now
Pound for pound
[they] bullshit
Don't have a cow
We winning now
So get engaged before the vow
Married to the numbers
Wake the masses from the slumber

And pray to God
We got the finest military
A little scary
Like a hairy Halle Barry or Dirty Harry
Cause Eastwood wouldn't argue clearly
Back to Barry
The fact his surname is Soetoro
Who funded ISIS
No slashing prices like he's Zoro
This is the moral of the story that I'm pitching
You wanna know the truth?
Follow Q - See the treason
Tis the season
[they] all fall for good reason
Oh what a blessing
Like a gift on Christmas evening
No Liam Neeson
We've been 'taken' by a demon
Not playin like recitals
Scratch the surface like a vinyl

How bout it now?
All the clowns are lookin GITMO-bound
Dogs are hounds
We sniff them out
Round em up
And send em packin to the biggest pound

That's The Way it is
For all the treasonous
I'm really meaning this
Popcorns poppin like in August when we heated it
And now we eating it
They ain't impeaching shit
But they can scream and kick
2/3's vote in the senate
That's a joke

What a show
It's got a lot of comedy
The drama gotta go
Ironically it's gotta be the clowns we gotta roast
We laughing
Thinking logically
The future proving post
The past be that anomaly
We got more than we know
We got it chronologically
The clock is gettin close
In fact the news unlocks the map
The Key is in the Stone
No math impossibility
Coincidences known.

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