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The Two Witnesses - A mystery hidden in plain sight - Full Movie

Published on 14 Apr 2019 / In Film & Animation

Why are the 2 witnesses, spoken of in John’s Revelation, referred to as; ‘His 2 Witnesses'?
Is this merely a throwaway title, or a huge clue to something much more revealing and profound?

In this film, we investigate the mystery of these two enigmatic characters and what it is, or indeed, who it is they bear witness too.

We believe that this mystery has been unveiled in these last days, so to warn and strengthen the faithful in the church; as well as restore Israel back to a living faith in their Messiah. But how?

What witness could possibly be offered a Jewish people, who until now have rejected Jesus as their Messiah, and denied the witness of His twelve apostles, their own countrymen; who had seen Him alive?
Let’s go see!

On a final note: The journey the Lord took us on, while we investigated these things, we were not prepared for; as what we found and believe were shown, both thrilled and shocked us!

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