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THE TRUMP TRAIN ON A MISSION FROM GOD! Travels The Country Saving Kids - Watch Their AMAZING Story!

07 Apr 2020


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - BUDDY & GLADYS WILL BE IN THE LIVE CHAT, PATRIOTS! GET IN ON THE CONVERSATION, ASK THEM QUESTIONS, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! If you are a fan of President Trump and you have a soft spot in your heart telling you to #SaveTheChildren, THEN YOU NEED TO SEE THIS VIDEO! A FEW DAYS AGO, during my daily travels, Patriots, I met Buddy and Gladys: They own the Trump 2020 Campaign Tour Bus known as THE TRUMP TRAIN! The #TrumpTrain is a HUUUUUGE Tour Bus that travels the country looking for - and finding - kidnapped children - AND CAMPAIGNING FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! WOW! Buddy and Gladys are also a big part of the American Association For Lost Children ( - an organization that has had DOZENS of TV shows made about them and their successes in looking for - and finding - kidnapped children! WHAT AN AMAZING STORY! And WATCH the video as Pastor James donates a HUUUUGE 'surprise' to this AMAZING CAUSE! Hollywood even made a movie about these folks called "Taken From Me - The Tiffany Rubin Story"! THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO, PATRIOTS!!! Join me, #PastorJames, for this heart-warming story of Love, Life and Saving The Kids! PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THE WORK OF THESE AWESOME PATRIOTS!!TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TRUMP TRAIN CAMPAIGN TOUR BUS, OR TO LEARN ABOUT THE #AmericanAssociationForLostChildren, VISIT THE TRUMP TRAIN WEBSITE AT or http://AAFLC.orgBuddy & GLadys, Trump Train Campaign Tour Bus OwnersTO DONATE OR ASSIST IN ANY WAY, PLEASE CALL Buddy & Gladys at (228) 222-1500DONATE ON GOFUNDME! THE INFO SHEET re: THE TRUMP TRAIN I WAS HOLDING DURING THE INTERVIEW: NOW ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS & PAYPAL IN MY STORE, FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT USE OR LIKE PAYPAL!!!---------GET THE .9999 FINE SILVER TRUMP 2020 CHALLENGE COINS - These coins represent an EXCLUSIVE OFFER available HERE! You can check out the video, pictures and PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: - AUTHENTIC 24K GOLD BANK NOTES AS LOW AS $13.99 W/ FREE SHPG & ALL 24K GOLD BANK NOTE ORDERS WILL BE DOUBLED! NO MINIMUM QUANTITY NECESSARY! Get 'em while they last! -Get the BEST Trump, Qanon, Women For Trump, Jesus Guides Trump, and MORE at James Red Pills America online GEAR STORE! Save 10% on your purchase USE PROMO CODE 'JRPA' right here: ARE A FEW MORE COOL WAYS YOU CAN HELP ! PayPal - - Donate as little or as much as you wantPatreon - - Make a MONTHLY commitment/pledge securely - for as little or as much as you want, anonymously or publiclyGoFundMe - - You can securely donate as little or as much as you want anonymously or publiclyMail Donations To: (Make donations payable to CASH, please)JRPAPO Box 30953Mesa, AZ 85275-0953URGENT! DO NOT LOSE TOUCH WITH ME! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO ***ALL*** OF MY BACKUP CHANNELS! The Uncensored Truth - Whole Armor of God - SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOGTALKRADIO ACCT! SUBSCRIBE TO MY BITCHUTE VIDEO ACCT! - BOOKMARK MY WEBSITE! video clips from various news and information sources were used in the production of this video. No copyright infringement is intended.Video Production and/or Mixing & Editing by: #PastorJames - #JamesRedPillsAmericaAudio Production and/or Mixing & Editing by: #PastorJames - #JamesRedPillsAmericaA HUGE THANK YOU TO:My Awesome Channel Assistants & All-Around Great Patriots: - My wonderful wife, Katina- James Seltenreich- DragonSlayer - Maleko

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