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the TRUMP prophecy: a documentary about the prophecy of Trump and mathematically prophecy of Donald Trump victory in 2016 presidential election? For the FUTURE, click here

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Trump Prophecy: Trump Inauguration Prophecy

See also: Hillary: Losing by a Landslide and Rigging the Election: ~trey

Trump prophecy documentary is written, directed and produced by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell project

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TRUMP: The Prophecy of Donald Trump. TRUMP and the Hebrew year 5777? These mysteries, and wealth's of others.

Trump "Make America Great Again" written (copyrighted) by: Caspar McCloud. "Make America Great Again" by Caspar McCloud. "Make America Great Again" (Trump / Donald Trump / Trump 2016 election slogan) is licensed for use in this use in this video, was originally written for use in this Trump prophecy video.

TRUMP: In this documentary of Donald Trump and the prophecy of Trump... The truth is there are prophecy a plenty surrounding this Trump vs. Clinton 2016 election (Trump v Clinton 2016 presidential election). The bulk of prophecy focuses on Trump.... Donald Trump.... a man (Trump) commonly now seen (in prophecy circles) as a "modern "Cyrus".

TRUMP: We delve into the heart of prophecy looking at the mathematical enigmas surrounding Trump, the ancient texts eerily seeming to foreshadow Trump, the financial Trump coincidences & property Trump coincidences that appear to match with ancient records... from both the Bible and Babylon.

TRUMP: Begging the question, can mysteries from some 2,500 years in our past actually be a foreshadowing of the future of the United States, and even possibly predict a LANDSLIDE victory for Donald Trump. As absurd as this could easily sound, the journey through the prophecy of the past and comparisons with Donald Trump may -- at minimum -- astound you?

TRUMP: Further we take a ride through the mathematics surrounding Trump -- which again strangely stretches from the ancient past (of King Cyrus, no-less) to modern day.... again seeming to fascinatingly encircle Donald Trump.

TRUMP: Clips used for Trump / Donald Trump / Trump prophecy commentary in this video include (but are/may not (be) limited to):Trump v Clinton, Trump v Clinton presidential debate, Trump v Clinton (PBS)Trump v Clinton Taxes (CNN), Trump on Islam (FOX), Trump on immigration (CNN), Trump on Mexico (CSPAN), Trump on Wall (CSPAN), Trump Crooked Hillary (MSNBC), etc.

TRUMP: Contributors to Trump Prophecy documentary:

Trump "Make America Great Again" written (copyrighted) by: Capspar McCloud. "Make America Great Again" by Caspar McCloud

Trump documentary music: Mattia Cupelli

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Trump prophecy by Kim Clement:

Trump prophecy by Mark Taylor (courtesy TruNews ~ Rick Wiles). Trump TruNews prophecy

Trump prophecy by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

TRUMP: Additional thanks to Sunbeam America (future free energy) interview in Trump prophecy video. Also Special thanks to CEO Michael Hughes

John Paul Dumas II Ph.D Certified Private Equity Professional, China (Donald Trump on China / Trump Prophecy)

Henry Shaffer: President Radio Station WUCC 99.9 and Project SEER (Trump and year 5777)

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TRUMP: NOTE that this video (Trump prophecy) was uploaded 2 days following the first presidential debate (Trump v Clinton 2016) -- Trump documentary / Trump Prophecy was uploaded on 9/29/2016.

Trump prophecy documentary is written, directed and produced by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell project

God bless all of you. And, God bless America,
Trey Smith

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