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The Trap - Birthing Certificates - The Strawman - Voluntary Slaves - Banking Law - Human Farming

Uneek Beebe
Published on 27 Mar 2021 / In Other

Your consent to be governed by a foreign corporate private banking entity was due to you complete ignorance to grammar and the syntax of English and Sign language, that gave them the advantage over you in order to take your national birth right of your own lands... Roman maxim: Let those that let themselves be deceived, be deceived...

If you hold the correct birth certificate, you can't get a driver license! You don't need a driver license on public your own lands but a CITIZEN of any company registered to the UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, District of Columbia, does need a license to do anything on his land because he became a CITIZEN of a foreign (Off shore) corporate entity... (CITY OF LONDON) The first birth certificate births the foreign administration corporation on to your birthright land rendering you as the beneficiary and them as the trustee! The second state birth certificate (The one every state citizen holds) births you into the foreign state! rendering you as the trustee of such a foreign state! ... Once you accept the second state birth certificate, your standing as the national beneficiary is transferred to the foreign company so they collect all the royalties that were meant to be paid to you... (It is paid to you but you left). They fool the masses by using a debased SIGN LANGUAGE as English in order that the public make the mistake and "assume" that the sign: UNITED STATES is America, or the sign: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is Australia, when grammatically it is not but it sure fooled the illiterate idiots!

In law, a DEAD man has no rights... While you are dead, the administrator-trustee, has total control over your estate, (Birthright ownership over the mineral and energy wealth of the country you were born on) because you are assumed dead... If you were assumed legally dead at such a young age and you never returned back to your true correct birthright legal standing without making a will or an agreement of compensation in order to enter into their fraud, (Because you were too young to know and you were never told), your whole life as an assumed legally dead "person" will be under the total control of the person that perpetrated the fraud against you in the first place...

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2:32:51 The Slaves Of Today - WERE YOU BORN FREE OR IN BONDAGE https://youtu.be/VZpzcJ5rQxk

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3:23:25 Bill Clinton under mind control https://youtu.be/l551aMJgOVA

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