The Story of the Ankh Star - Episode 3

20 Jan 2020

As Juan O' Savin keeps telling us, God is doing something completely NEW in this Timeline. These are the Last Days, and if you've ever had a relationship with God, you KNOW He works in mysterious ways. The Ankh Star is an Ascension Support Vehicle. It's here, along with hundreds of thousands of others, for the portion of Humanity that's going West at The Last Trump.
NOTE: One addition to the story in this Episode is that during the Christmas Eve visualization, I was using a battery-operated toy Star Wars Light Sabre for the portal re-activation to add realism to my experience. Right at the moment the portal sparked back to life, the sword surged with such intensity, I almost jumped out of my skin!
Music: Chamber 2
Artist/Composer: WingMakers

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pinoucha 29 days ago

the power of a beautiful mind know no bounds

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