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The secret to immunity; A Christian perspective against c0-vi-d

Shannon Gilmour
Published on 11 May 2021 / In How-to & Style

The situation is critical. This topic needs to be shared as a biblical perspective is needed to help you make a decision that you most likely do not want to make. The topic in this video is important and needs to to be said, as we need to have this discussion. Can we have that conversation? In this video I talk about television and how it is a tool that we chemically respond to. Right or wrong, good or bad, real or fantasy, your subconscious cannot tell the difference. I share with you how T.V PERSONALITIES have entered our homes through the television and have taken over our lives in a way that you might not have considered. These people we have unknowingly allowed to come into our homes as we form relationships with them that have become highly influential; too influential as this influence has gone against the Christian greater good.

The television has been used as a means of coercion and manipulation in such a way that what we believe is no longer what we believe. Our system of faith is changing. This video shares with you the damage fear mongering has caused as I segue and dovetail the reasons to turn off the tv, and instead turn our hearts and minds towards Jesus.

Jesus shared with us through the Passover that He is the only solution and it is important to understand why He is our only solution. His blood holds secrets as science can now share with us hidden mysteries within our blood, the Bible keeps secret. The blood was used in a covenant that cannot be undone, except by denial of the Spirit that exists within it. The world wants us to deny our maker and this video shares with you how the enemy used the television to steer our attention away from truth. God uses His word to lead us into the truth. The blood is yours to protect. It is your lifeline and it has more meaning to you than what you believe. Enjoy this video.

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Gods people are perishing for a lack of knowledge and we cannot stand in silence any longer. PLEASE HELP!

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