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The Phoenix Enigma - (Video) ISAAC KAPPY'S Final Moments & Location of Death

Published on 21 May 2019 / In People & Blogs

I made and released this video for two reasons. 1st, to clarify my initial statements regarding my testimony regarding my eyewitnessing the scene of Kappy's death in Bellemont, AZ.....And 2nd, To put to rest the theories that Kappy is still alive and did not cross on 5/13/19. There are theories that he is in hiding, taken in by the "White Hats" etc. This video documents the location and proof of Kappy's place of death. This is in no way presented to offend anyone. I felt it needed to be presented in order to put incorrect theories to rest so as to be able to come closer to the truth of what really happened to Isaac Kappy.

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