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The Outer Light The strange case of the Jaffe memo and “fertility control agents in the water supply

25 Aug 2019
Reupload of a video I done for my supports on Patreon and Subscribe Star on July 25th. Given the recent news regarding the fact that fluoride decreases the IQ of children published in Journal of Pediatrics I thought this was worthy of a re-post here, regarding the Jaffe memo. Tomorrow is also my day off, so I will see you day after tomorrow. Here is the synopsis:

In this supporter video I go into what is known as the Jaffe Memo. The author of the memo, Frederick S Jaffe, was vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Jaffe has many awards and accolades throughout his career and is a well known most wildly for his consultation with the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations in regarding population control messures. Most famously what is known as the Jaffe Memo, which states that one of the ways to control US population was to use “fertility control agents in the water supply”. I go into this memo and a number of things in this video, a link to the full document by Frederick S Jaffe can be found here:
Here is a link to the recent story regarding fluoride:

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