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The Outer LIght Hidden tunnel directly under temple on Epstein Island

11 Jul 2019
Recently high resolution drone footage of Jeffery Epstein’s private island, Little St James Island, has emerged. This footage gives a clearer view of the tunnels under Epstein’s Island as well as the statues on top of the temple on Epstein’s Island. Although the closer footage is not perfect, it does give me credence to the theory that there are Horned Owls depicted on the temple itself. The underground tunnels are clearly visible under the temple, which many researchers believe could be an elevator shaft. What is clear from the new drone footage is the fact that there is something underneath the temple itself, maybe a hidden structure or bunker. Some researchers are of the opinion that Jeffery Epstein is running what is known as a Brownstone operation – or blackmail operation. This theory was further bolstered by the testimony of Virginia Roberts, who was one of “Epstein’s girls”, and stated that she was told to sleep with powerful men for the purposes of blackmail. I go into some of these things in this video. Link to high res drone footage of Epstein Island:

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