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The Huge Profits Behind Mass Testing in Wuhan | CCP Virus | Coronavirus | COVID-19 | Epoch News

09 Jun 2020

Try a month of The Epoch Times for only $1. Get real news other media outlets don't report. Nonpartisan and truthful reporting on US News. ⭕️ May 11, the Wuhan authorities issued an emergency notice requiring large-scale nucleic acid testing on all citizens in every Wuhan district within 10 days. It was also known as “the ten-day battle.”The audio below is from a Wuhan community doctor who participated in this test. He said such a costly project provided an opportunity for some people to profit from the national disaster.The most important thing for them is to make money.A test sample, as far as I know, was priced at 130 yuan ($18 USD).The samples distributed to our community hospital were 30 yuan ($4 USD) and that was because we used the test tubes allocated by the health bureau.If the tubes provided by the third-party companies had been used, it may only have cost 10 yuan ($1.40 USD) per sample, so the margin could be 120 ($16 USD).Then the third-party company who provided the tubes would gain 120 ($16 USD).What a huge profit!Think about it.There are 10 million people in Wuhan, making it 1 billion yuan ($140 million USD).It’s not the 0.1 billion as was estimated on the Internet. If I have not counted wrong, 10 million times 100 is 1 billion, right?The mass testing was mainly carried out by third-party companies, with samples later picked up by staff from regional hospitals and disease control departments.The pricing of the test included two parts: the cost of the test kits and of the testing services. The CCP’s official media Hubei Daily reported, according to estimations made by the relevant departments of Hubei Province, he costs of the testing on all Wuhan citizens could exceed 1 billion yuan ($140 million USD)."The expenses are likely to be borne by the Wuhan municipal and district finance departments."#CCPvirus #Wuhan #Coronavirus#COVID-19Sign the Petition to Investigate, Condemn, and Reject the Chinese Communist Party👉 OUR CHANNEL TODAY: 🔔 us on Facebook: MORE ON YOUTUBE🔵 [Exclusive investigative report] The first documentary movie on the origin of C.C.P. virus👉🔵A Conscientious Declaration from China Disband the C.C.P. | The Epoch Times👉🔵 Spain: 70% Of China's Virus-Testing Kits Are Faulty | The Epoch Times👉 the latest updates as well as exclusive reporting and first-hand videos about the CCP virus from The Epoch Times website.▶️ TO THE EPOCH TIMESPrint subscription (delivery inside the U.S only):

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