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The Fly Heard Around the 2020 Election World | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 637

Published on 09 Oct 2020 / In News & Politics

The vice presidential debate took place Wednesday night but the media decided to focus on a fly that landed on VP Mike Pence's head. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow decided to go a different route and criticized the Trump administration as the new normal for the Republican Party. Why is the media focusing on the things that Americans don’t care about? Undecided voters have spoken, and they said that Pence won the debate and Kamala was abrasive and condescending. The second presidential debate was scheduled next week, but the Commission on Presidential Debates decided to make it virtual. President Trump said he wasn't participating in a virtual debate. Are the debates done? How does COVID-19 not rank as one of the top 5 most important issues to voters? NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that when the league returns next season, Black Lives Matter messages will not likely be displayed. Is that a good thing? Sarah Iannarone, an Antifa supporter, has a 11-point lead over Mayor Ted Wheeler in Portland. Will this end the riots in Portland?

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