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The Deep State wants Robots-Political news and more!

05 Jun 2019

Famous Psychic Medium Utsava has more information about Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, President Trump, Obama, John Podesta, Theresa May, Stocks and Bitcoin. More about how the Deep state wants to enslave humans.

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Ally 9 months ago

Thank you Utsava! I totally understand everything you are saying. I see those whom you are identifying in my life.

I'm curious if those 'little monsters' could be shaped like an octopus? I have a friend who found them in her head, blocking things and even found another baby one and pulled it out, like a back up measure.

Check out what Adalina says about Trump (from yesterday) - maybe she's picking up on Pence?

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utsava 9 months ago

There are all kinds of 'monsters' also in frequencies they could look like octopus.

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