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The Day The Childrens Army Schooled The #OPPizzagate Human Trafficking Travelling Road Show

22 May 2020


On Feb 24th, 2020 The Children's Army introduced for the first time, to the Ontario Provincial Police, at a O.P.P. Human Trafficking Seminar in Cobourg Ontario, the contents of the F.B.I. field guild identifying child trafficking and symbolic nomenclature of pedophiles and pedophile networks.

We would have thought, that given such #OPPizzagate geniuses like Vern "just a kick in the head" Crowley, studied and lecture at the FBI academy, according to his CV which I will post here,... they would have SOME IDEA ABOUT PEDOPHILE NETWORKS? !!!!!

But no.

So why?
Ask yourself why the OPP knows nothing about child trafficking networks, yet pretends to be the EXPERTS?

Pedo MacKay and Stephen Harper are running child trafficking in Canada...... that's why.

Bronfmann's in prison.

Vern is of questionable character to begin with, because his old man was one of Toronto's #Cottonballed Pedophile Protectors.... and now he appears to have tested positive for 'extra-cheese' himself!

I caught Vern tampering with computers about 11 times in my case and also the attempted framing of Larry Jones by Darryl Foulkes and Ben Beatty in the Colonel Russell Williams Conspiracy...... oh I digress.....

Vern went to the F.B.I. academy, but was too busy eating the pizza to learn about it apparently.

On this day in Feb 2020 a shirt was presented as a gift for the OPP Commissioner and for Doug Ford. By law these should have been reported.

ALSO BY LAW the OPP was immediately aware of the symbolic nomenclature of BOY LOVERS and CHILD TRAFFICKING NETWORKS and PEDOPHILES,.. and we will not have the opportunity to see WHEN and WHAT changes were made by the commissioner as a result.

After all... the same man is under criminal investigation for his involvement with pedophiles and terrorists in the York Region just a year ago...... Maria?

Oh Maria??

OPIRD anyone???

.... crickets....

Music: "When Good Vegetables GO Bad" and "Club Scene" by the extraordinary Michael Sherwood (1959 - 2019) and Andy R.

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