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The DANGER of getting STUCK in the Bottom 3 Chakras (how to TRANSCEND)

Beyond THEIR Truth
Beyond THEIR Truth
05 Jun 2019

You must avoid The DANGER of getting STUCK in the Bottom 3 Chakras. We are collectively SHIFTING into a new paradigm right now on the planet This video I'll show you EXACTLY how to make the SHIFT and TRANSCEND the Bottom 3 Chakras.

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This video. I'm going to show you the danger of getting stuck in the bottom three Chakras your whole life. And I'm going to show you how to push right through it.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to help you expand beyond the bottom three Chakras and the reason this is is there is a consciousness shift happened on on the planet.

This shift has to do with going from what is called a third dimensional state of consciousness into that of a fourth dimensional state of consciousness. Some people would argue and say a fifth dimensional state of consciousness. However, what we're doing is removing from this older paradigm to that the this newer paradigm.

Now, the old paradigm is the paradigm of separation. It's where we feel separated from one another. The old paradigm is that of duality, good, bad, light, dark. Think of the third dimension as also the bottom three Chakras and Everything that is that is entailed within that.

Not that the fourth dimension has no bottom three Chakras at all. But most people on the planet are stuck in the bottom three Chakras just like they may be stuck in a reactive type mind reacting to their environment, reacting to what people say to them, reacting to what the government's doing, reacting to what the news is saying, reacting to everything.

And the key is understanding that that is a hypnosis. That is something that's just been on autopilot. And that's why so many people are just doing the same things everyday, thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day and therefore experiencing the same things on autopilot.

So in a way, when you see the movie, the Matrix, the movie, the Matrix is about waking up from that autopilot type way, that automaton like reacting to the past and it getting into this more of a state of being, of being present.

And when we look at that are the bottom three Chakras you'll see that of the root Chakra, the sacral Chakra, the solar plexus, solar plexus represents the willpower. Many times the solar plexus will also represent that of control and there's been a certain level of control on the planet for thousands of years.

And when you think about duality, think about it in the form of the brain when we're identified mainly with just the the brain, what can happen is that then we're just focused on good bad light, dark up, down, all these different opposites.

And the thing is is everything is very polarized. You know, you may dislike being us, you know the bread publicans or the Democrats or whatever it is, but whatever side you're on, there's an energetic pool one way or the other. And the thing that happens is most people get so ingrained into that way of thinking that it keeps them from getting into their heart.

It keeps them from getting more to the core of who they are then doing what they're passionate about. And right now on the planet, what's happening is we're moving from this level of control, this duality into more of a heart based reality where we feel more connected to each other. You see the reason what you put out is what you get back.

The reason that is true is because what you do to someone else, you do to another aspect of you. So you see this is more about inclusion than separation because separation's like I my own individual person and I have no connection to you. That's what a lot of times is implied with this feeling of separateness.

But when we realize that we're all connected and what I put out even just energetically is coming back, it becomes a new thing and that's why what you put out is what you come back. It's because what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you, we're all connected.

So it's more of this heart-based understanding, more of not even understand about feeling that this heart based feeling more in our passion, doing what we love. There's a rigidity to the first two, like the solar plexus and the the third dimension in general. Yeah, there's a rigidity to the way things have to be. There's a...

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