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The Art of the 45

Published on 18 Feb 2021 / In Music

⁣All War is Deception - Sun Tzu
-They Never Thought She Would Lose-
Lyrics Below:

All this Sun Tzu philosophy
The enemy stay in proximity
And now we're seeing what has got to be the best of a thousand victories

War-like strategy
Art Of The Deal
Trump Card dealt like it's part of the deal
Cue Ball help put The Show on the reel
Stay on felt
Keep the positive feels

And know thyself
And the enemy, too
Before the battle is held
LIGHT in the distance but quick to appear
Frozen in position
[Y] head of the deer
Planned out fight
Sun Tzu in the night
Future Proves Past
Looking Glass insight
Last Boom blast give magic of flight
Planes don't crash named after his life (N529JK)

It's The Art of War
Planned way back when the star was born
Victorious warriors lift the sword
But before they go to battle
They win the war

Sun Tzu Winning
We'll see the Son SOON living
45's God given
Greatest story ain't finished
We gonna witness
We won - It's written
Q gun ain't missing
Flipping post upright
Shoot the bullet 'Dark to Light'
We shine bright

God bless The Plan
All appointed soldiers with the minds of man
All high power for the helping hand
Storm make showers
Then cleanse the land
And all good things do come to those like QUR soul has wait
Never interrupt the enemy mistake
[They] self destruct
All part of The Plan.

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