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The Amazing Polly The Official Credit Card of the New World Order - Part 1

10 Sep 2019
Part 1: The New Face of Philanthropy is Censorship.
In this video I look at "survival anxiety" as a tool of the social engineers. I talk about deplatforming from pay*pa*, P@tre0n, and how M@sterc@card is behind it all. I also show how Corporate foundation suck the lifeblood from the countries in which they are created by siphoning off wealth from the host countries and using it offshore for their own gain.

If you would like to contribute to my work:

@nickmon1112 Twitter Moment thread about Paypal/Patreon/Mastercard:

Senate Document re 1969 Tax Reform (foundations) 1972:

Mastercard Pairs with Talloire University / Youth Unemployment in Africa:

Mastercard U Michigan Fully Funded scholariships (for Africans)"


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