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#suicide is no joke. This is for you #patriots

Shannon Gilmour
Shannon Gilmour
12 May 2020

Those who are not yet in the know are going to need help processing the information that you already know about. This second video is shared with you as a source of help to guide you as your friends and loved ones may become challenged with thoughts of suicide.

#WWG1WGA Thank you for your support when I needed it by sharing the information you learned, please allow me now to help you as I have been a peer support councilor for over 20 years.

This video is my way of showing you my support as our friends and loved ones are going to need us in a way that will be overwhelming for a lot of us.

Look for more videos as I share with you how to listen, communicate and observe so you can effectively be a source of comfort when turning to the things of the past become... a horrific history.

God Bless you!

#lifecoach #mentorship #counciling #peersupport #depression

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