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Something BIGGER going on? SpaceX Falcon 9 - MULTIPLE SIGHTINGS - Many Countries

24 Jan 2020

Why so many satellites launched for Christmas? Multiple countries report rocket launches and SpaceX looking phenomena in the skies around the winter solstice. Coincidence or part of a network?

Standard technologies or secret technologies?

Something new or ancient technology rediscovered?

Science or occult?

SpaceX or Fake X?

What do you think?

Includes pictures of Vancouver UFO over city hall in 1937, similar UFO Fresco from a monastery in 1350, the teardrop or sperm shaped UFO caught on tape from space the STS-80 voyage in 1996, the 2015 west coast missile and other launch, the Russian missile launch in December 2017, the rocket launch in Japan 1 minute before the SpaceX launch on December 22, 2017... and more!
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