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Socialist Sander's Supporters - Lock Up Trump Voters in Concentration Camps

15 Jan 2020

Today on TruNews we discuss the socialist revolution openly being discussed by radical Democrats, including key staff for Jewish socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. We also address the new Russiagate being brewed by the jacobin industrial complex through its tentacles in the media, this time involving the hacking of Ukrainian gas company Burisma at the hands of infamous cyber spies Fancy Bear. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate 01/14/20


KEYWORDS: politics election, 2020, White House, Senate, Congress, candidates, debates, Communit, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, debates, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NBC, television, corrupt media, Project Veritas, truth, alternative media, TruNews, Rick Wiles, riots, protests, concentration camps, socialist, black block, USA, antifa, fascism, authoritarian, Democrat, Democrat Party, agitprop, violence, Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, democide, deplorables, YouTube censorship, forbidden video

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