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SJWs Try to Cancel Dave Chappelle! Louder with Crowder

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
07 Sep 2019

SJWs Try to Cancel Dave Chappelle! | Louder with Crowder

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Welcome to my “Sandy Brown” channel due to technical difficulties I am unable to import youtube or any other sites videos at this time.

This has been going on since the 28th of Aug so though I have imported 1000’s of videos since I made this channel which gives you lots of choices to watch. I did not want to deny you new content as well while this problem exist on Drop Space. So above is the link to the video you are wishing to see.

Below are My personal youtube channels.
My main channel Sandy Brown
My channels before I married Sandy Metcalf


Sandy Metcalf

My newest youtube channel, I also did as Sandy Metcalf because it is a channel I share censored videos on also no pix of me on that channel

Sandy Metcalf
If you care to check them out.

Also as promised in short video here- my general play list on

Even with not being able to import, I am still going to upload personal videos here when I can get the time, but taking care of a failing 14 ½ year old Lab (see her, playlist….

Sadie Marie

is a 24/7 job so though I have a lot of videos of her here even, recent ones. I have been unable find time to edit and upload (which I can still do on here) any more recently :(

My youtube channels videos have more content, than on here though I have not posted on most of my older youtube channels in a while.

Thank you to all my Followers here please comment on the videos I share and I am always open to your ideas as well on what channels from youtube you would like me to share that I do not already.

And I always welcome new people to my channel here, and on youtube as well.

Take Care and God Bless

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