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Shawn James Bears and Wolves at my Cabin

04 Oct 2019
#bear #wolf #logcabin
Whether or not it's a red wolf | eastern wolf | Algonquin wolf or a coyote, there is at least one hanging around the cabin in addition to the ones I often hear howling off in the distance. There are at least three different bears around the cabin, including a mother and yearling cub that's been crossing the beaver dam behind my log cabin frequently lately. I'm not sure how often Cali encounters wildlife directly when she's out of sight, but she doesn't wander off and is always within shouting distance of me at least. I think most of the wild animals keep their distance from us and have become accustomed to our presence, preferring to stay down in the creek valley or at the other end of my land near the top beaver pond. On the trail cameras recently have been raccoons, fisher, deer, moose, wolf/coyote and bear.

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