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Senator Hawley Rattles Chris Wray @ January 6th Capitol Riot hearing-Challenges blanket SURVEILLANCE

Published on 03 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics

BREAKING: Hawley Rattles Wray at January 6th Capitol Riot hearing- challenges blanket SURVEILLANCE metadata - cell phone call swoops.
But there is a reason why FBI Director Christopher Wray must have access to Facebook, Twitter You Tube and all other social media platforms where law abiding, peace loving conservative may chat tweet or communicate.

No one should be for needless violence when we have so many avenues in our Constitution to rectify the looming tyrannies arrayed against We the People by the BidenReich Administration & their cohorts at the CIA, NSA, FBI. DOD & DOJ.

The great sin, evil and felony of Pedophilia and child/human sex trafficking has opened the door for blanket surveillance and tyranny. Evil amongst the people and it's leaders has once again opened the doors for dark shadows of fascist tyranny to enlarge itself over America ...

What law abiding patriots and God fearers can do to get our 4th Amendment back and our great Country.
2 Chronicles 7:14
Freddy Cardella

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theTrayne 2 months ago

wray with the standard slimeball im screwin ya answer.... I dont know ANYTHING about it right now,(even tho its my job to know), but I will be happy to look into it and talk with you PRIVATELY at a later date(when?nobody knows!)...... all bullshit. wray is a deep state slimy swamp creature.No respect for wray at all. Wrongway wray should be jailed himself for treason.

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