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Secret Service arrest a man near the White House MustangMedic Exclusive Report

Published on 07 May 2021 / In News & Politics

This could of went really bad, I'm greatful to God that he didn't choose to resist the Secret Service. He was going in the car no matter what happened. The Secret Service showed a lot of patients.

A number of strange things happen in Washington DC every day. So I now live on location, we are 8 minutes from our US Capitol Building, and can get to the White House in 12. MustangMedic is your journalist, The Peoples Journalist.

Our mission is to report the truth, not the narrative. So help me Jesus.


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The Border Southern Crisis with Mexican children being drowned in the Rio Grande that we reported 30 days before the Main Street Media is below. We tell the truth, they follow us when it can’t be denied.
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Today’s Featured Playlist. The Crisis at our Southern Border, reporting on location in McAllen, Texas.

You will feel better about yourself if you do all three. But, number three will most likely be the biggest impact on your attitude about life.

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I’m not going to stop pursuing the truth. We have to trust God, be peaceful and listen to each other, watch and Pray. My recommendation is Pray first.

I have always been sincere online and have over 8000+ videos that prove it. I’m not going to change anything uploaded in the past or hide it, I know the truth is out there and we are going to find it. You need multiple sources to find the truth. Don’t trust me, trust what you investigate yourself, my expression is... don’t be a sheep.

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We are in #historictimes. You and I, both know it. 🇺🇸

I felt that I had to be here on January 6th and I never left. I will leave when God when God closes the door the door. Although new at journalism, I’m here reporting from the ground in Washington, DC. So that’s what I’m going do until further notice.

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