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Saved by the Shell •

Jack Mascotte
Published on 05 Jan 2021 / In Pets & Animals

⁣Tiger shark doing his very best to kill and devour a panicked loggerhead sea turtle.

Named for the dark stripes that run along their body, tiger sharks are considered apex predators and have the widest food spectrum of all sharks.

Crustaceans, seals, birds, squid, turtles, license plates, baseballs, boat propellers, other sharks, carrion, horses, goats, sheep, cats and dogs have all been discovered (at one point or another) when an investigation into a tiger sharks stomach contents has been conducted.

Although sharks rarely bite humans, tiger sharks are reportedly responsible for a large portion of fatal shark bite incidents. This has a lot to do with the fact that they are more often found in shallow, coastal waters as opposed to the deep ocean.

Another reason for this high number of human fatalities* is the way their teeth have evolved - they are designed to shear and saw away at their food, which causes a devastating amount of damage to any soft tissue they're able to bite into.

*keep in mind that you are more likely to be struck and killed by lightning than you are to even be attacked by a shark, let alone killed by one.

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