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Saturday Night Livestream - Prof. Ayran von Dreger

24 May 2020

DON’T WAIT, GET PREPARED NOW!CLICK HERE!!! http://www.preparewithredpill78.comProfessor Ayran von Dreger, (former Chairman, Dept. of Political Science, UPEI, Canada) now retired, dissects media 'deceptions' and 'hoaxes' - and tells us that governments, universities, and the media have been obscuring the truth from the public - for decades. Ayran's Facebook:►► Patreon:►Join this channel to get access to perks: SUB TO BACKUP CHANNELS! IF SOMETHING HAPPENS I WILL PUBLISH THERE!► New RedPill78 Merch Store:► Donate to M3thods:► Donate to RedPill78: SEND AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY - NO FEESUse the FREE Cash App:Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! Click here: you already have it, use my special code”One time donation with Cash App: $RedPill78► Patreon:► Digital Asset Donations if you know Crypto:1AGKFmLt7qEEDawXKPiSKfVyYXixjdbozWBitcoin Donationsqqg9e623rtqrcym9wer32zj6sclptxx6ey938hgd74BitcoinCash Donations0xd13399E491c78195ea576295439889891DAC7374Ethereum DonationsLU66sxkwgg8tWQnecvrLA4qaBrWXQLcYW8LiteCoin DonationsRedPill78@protonmail.comRedPill78993 “C” S. Santa Fe Ave #245Vista, CA 92083

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