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Sadie Xmas Eve 2015- guilty dog, made a paper towel mess

Sandy Brown
Published on 14 Jun 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Sadie doing her own guilty dog thing. She got a roll of paper towels out of the laundry room and tore them up in the den.

So I grabbed some off the pile and decided to confront her with her deed and film it because she was being so cute when I caught her.

But I did not notice out of the pile of chewed on ripped apart and all over paper towel mess that I had just about cleaned up before I confronted her on video, or I would have shown the floor mess and shredded roll in the video.
But the handful I got from the pile to confront her looked almost pristine (they were not, but look it on video) were not really a good "prop" for a video.

But Sadie still knew what see did :)

Did confronting her stop her from attacking all paper in the future NO! And if you have watched her unwrap in her videos on here, you know that. Paper towels junk mail and wrapping paper were like a trigger to her. But at 14 wrapping paper still can get her going the rest depends on her mood. :)

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