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Sadie's dreaming june 30 2019

Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown
02 Jul 2019

And this one is from June 30th, a short one on my phone showing Sadie dreaming. Also documenting that something is going on with her new natural oil that is supposed to promote regeneration (see other of her videos on this on my channel or so a search for Sadie, or Sadie Marie) because her tail died a couple of years ago from her back end failing, all she could do was tuck it tight between her legs and it was not very movable shrunk up tight and nothing like she used to have she even fell onto it wrong last year and broke the tip when she was trying to get up without her braces.

So this video gives us even more hope this oil which she has now been on 12 days and her tail is even fuller again and she is wagging it not perfect but wagging it again as of today. But this video was taken on the 10th day of her new oil. :)

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